Ocun, Newton

Universal climbing harness, proper for mountaineering, via ferratas, indoor climbing and also for beginners.

Newton is a comfortable harness of a simple construction, which especially the beginners will appreciate. Comfort of the harness is provided by quality padding in the waist and widened webbing on the leg loops. All used materials are of superior quality and guarantee extreme durability of the harness. Leg loops are fully adjustable and removable at the back. Belay loop is in different color to prevent false rope-tie. Thanks to a unique Movable Waist System (MWS) we can reduce full size-scale to 1 single size by centering the waist belt. Newton harness is equipped with a slide-lock buckles of stainless steel.

Padded waist of high quality sandwich
Adjustable leg loops
Movable Waist System (MWS)
Slide-Lock buckles of stainless steel, 3 30 mm
2 gear loops
Weight: 370 g
Made in EU
EN 12277 type C

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