DVD The real thing

DVD The real thing
The Real Thing is one of the most classic bouldering films of all time. First released on VHS back in 1996, The Real Thing was the first feature length bouldering movie ever made and played a large part in the popularization of bouldering itself. The Real Thing has now been released onto DVD for the very first time.

Britain's top rock climbers Jerry Moffatt and Ben Moon take you on a roller-coaster road trip from the classic gritstone crags of the UK's Peak District to the Mecca of world bouldering, Fontainebleau in France. With guest appearances from German rock legend Kurt Albert, Britain's Sean Myles and French master Marc Le Menestrel, this is the real thing! Featuring a bonus retrospective commentary from Ben Moon and Jerry Moffatt. 13 years on it still remains a classic.

"The original and still the best bouldering film ever made." Tyler Landman.


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