Austrialpin, HYDRA via ferrata

Austrialpin, HYDRA via ferrata
Het ultime wapen bij verticale stukken via ferrata.
Met gratis silencer, een stuk plastic op beide karabiner wat het schurend geluid tussen karabiner en staalkabel tegen gaat, twv 7,50

Good news for friends of via ferrata! just in time for the new klettersteig-season austrialpin is expanding its product range. the ferrata.bloc has already been attracting attention last fall. with COLT and the latest innovation HYDRA - a combination of both ferrata.bloc and COLT - it is now going to be in good company. available now!

ferrata.bloc - the third arm for via ferrata makes climbing safer. in steep sections where the ferrata wire leads upwards this additional tool acts as a brake, only allowing upward movement. should the climber fall, ferrata.bloc will brake directly at the point of contact with the wire. it thus helps avoiding long falls back to the last fixation of the wire. comes with in-webbing brake.

COLT he ultimate, smooth-clipping via ferrata device is featuring: - a unique patented opening mechanism; - ergonomic form fit carabiner; - caliper like opening; The primary shift in technology has been the extra long snapgate which helps achieve a safer, more beneficial distance to the via ferrata cable. The complete includes: stretch Y and in-webbing brake.

HYDRA - the first via ferrata set with 3 legs - is a combination of COLT and the ferrata.bloc. all 3 legs are attached to the in-webbing brake. during flat and easy sections you can put the ferrata.bloc into a hold at the bag of the in-webbing brake. if so you have it within reach as soon as it is getting more challenging. hook the ferrata.bloc into the wire rope and it will prevent you from a long fall back into the last fixation of the wire.

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